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Saturday, January 2, 2010

In The Zone

I am amazed at any novelist that can write under the stress of varied conditions; like kids running through the house, extraneous noises in the neighborhood (mowers, trucks, barking dogs, etc.) or even something as innocuous as a television droning on in another room, not even loud enough to understand a single word. I have gotten writing done on several of these occasions but the only time that I am truly prolific is when I’m in a zone and the focus tunnels to the story in front of me and my fingers crawl over the keyboard as uninterrupted thoughts are sparked and hit my fingertips at the same instant. The joy I feel when it all comes together is indescribable. My time to write is early morning; usually from about 4:30 until approximately 8:00, maybe longer if the story crescendos to an intense level and demands focused attention a while longer. After this period of my day, the ol’ brain begins picking up random thoughts of things left undone from the day before or errands that need handling; you know, all that stuff we call “life”. But every morning my goal and desire is to hit that zone and put a minimum of two thousand words in print, preferably more. Now, if I could only get my multi-tasking wife to recognize and understand the importance of that zone.

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright
Author of
"Paradise Flawed"/Dream Books LLC/2009
"Six Years' Worth"/Father's Press/2007
"The Last Radiant Heart"/Virtual Tales/Spring 2010
"Anne Bonny, Where Are You?"/Rogue Phoenix Press/May 2010

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