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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Reunion is just a reunion, Right? Wrong!

A very special day came to an end at midnight Saturday. It was a high school reunion. I’d bet you a little money that most people don’t look at these types of reunions with special exception. But, this particular reunion is absolutely exceptional.

The town is called Meadow, population; less than a thousand, much less. This part of the Lone Star state is as flat as flat can be on a round planet. At night, all one needs to do is stand outside, turn a three-sixty and see lights of towns all around, some many miles away. I heard it said over the weekend, “If you want see a few more miles past the horizon then stand on a tuna can.”

As you laugh, keep in mind that it’s true... sort of.

Meadow is located in the midst of cotton farming country above the caprock on the South Plains of Texas situated west of New Home, south of Ropesville, north of Brownfield, east of Sundown and spittin’ distance from Levelland. Now, if that doesn’t conjure solid visions of farming and ranching, I don’t know what would.

Meadow is not in the middle of nowhere; I repeat, not in the middle of nowhere but I’ve engaged in spirited conversations with a few naysayers that, at best, I’ve only partially turned to my point of view. They may acquiesce... to a point... but never totally come around to my way of thinking. This is a paraphrase but rather consistent: “Well, it might not be the middle of nowhere, but I bet you can see it from there.”

People just driving through will never understand. You see, it’s not about the place. It’s about the people. The people are the community. They are its character, which is solid; its life, which is vital; its heart, which is strong. And they are what make Meadow special.

Since the school is so small, this reunion was set up as a multi-year affair that students must be out of high school for thirty years before being invited. So, to call it a school reunion doesn’t quite do it justice. It is a community reunion held every three years.

To simply say that I enjoyed the reunion doesn’t effectively convey my thoughts. As midnight approached and I valiantly fought off sleep and a Coors Light induced coma, I began listening more than talking – the stories, all the wonderful stories, that created a tapestry of life that I had the great fortune to be part of. During that time, I confirmed a long-held belief: Those people were much more than acquaintances, even more than friends. They are extended family and always have been.

Thanks Meadow.

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