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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Move

It occurred to me only moments ago how long it has been since I’ve contributed to my own blog. Shame on me!

I do have an excuse though; want to hear it? Here it goes.

For the first time since 1991 my wife and I decided to move, preparation for retirement, by downsizing into a house that, I think, I’ll begin calling “The Old Money Pit”. You know the type of house I’m referring to; full of character, charm and, oh yeah, lots and lots of problems. It’s called a “shotgun” house built in the late thirties. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, I’m sure you have seen plenty of them. That is, if you have spent any time at all in the oldest parts of the city in which you live. It, like all of them, has two front doors and all the rooms are lined up straight through to the backdoor, hence the name.

And, since downsizing was one of the goals, along with doing away with mortgage payments—forever, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we have many boxes full of stuff that we have no clue what to do with. Well, not a surprise to anyone but the two of us. Now the question hovering over us like a smelly green cloud is: Did we improve our situation? Was our plan thoughtfully considered? Or, did we just spring up after the notion hit us and jump on it like a dung beetle on a cowpie?

We certainly have no storage space. Our backyard reminds me of one of those junk heaps behind a sad hovel in a third-world country. You know the ones. It’s the view that organizers of feed the children public service spots are really fond of showing us on television, usually right after they show a kid walking next to a sewage sluice. If you have the picture in mind, then you’re seeing the equivalent of our backyard.

A redeeming feature of the place in the beginning was that, although pier and beam construction and about eighty years old, the floors did not squeak. Impressive, I thought. The foundation did need some leveling since it sloped toward the back a tiny bit, but that seemed like no big thing. Now, the floors are level and it’s like walking across a creaking, groaning and popping trampoline. I have no need of an electronic intruder alert. In fact, I dare any crook to sneak up on me in this house. Coming in through the backdoor and walking across the laundry room, I can hear dishes rattling in the dining room. That’s two rooms away!

Will my opinion of this place change? I’ll take the confident approach and answer with a resounding “Yes!”

Even after spewing these negative sounding amusements, there are some really good things to consider. It’s a quiet small town. The train passes through a couple of times a day. People who live closer to the track may object to the sound, but we are far enough away that it is a comforting throwback to a simpler time. Rocking chairs are on front porches everywhere in this neighborhood and people embrace a slower, laid-back lifestyle.

One day while moving furniture, I took a moment to sit on our brand new eighty-year-old front porch and watch leaves from the massive pecan tree rain down with each puff of a gentle breeze. Squirrels chased one another through the treetops and I could hear children laughing somewhere down the street. It was easy to envision Norman Rockwell puffing on his pipe, sitting behind his easel and painting the scene I witnessed.

I’d love to stay and share more, but I must go build another cabinet in the kitchen so that I might empty one more box. This will feel like home soon enough.

Love to all.

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