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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seriously, Laugh About It

Moments ago, I was watching, what has come to be, my favorite morning news show. And, I certainly am not the demographic that show is after. It’s CW33 in Dallas. They treat serious news seriously but when it comes to the absurd they don’t just laugh at it but poke at. They have made me realize how precious little news that is aired today could be considered serious; like politicians standing before us and saying we have no debt crisis, and doing it with a serious face. How could that not be funny? Or, what about the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and all the other celebrities that are now treated as real news stories? I laugh anytime a news anchor says anything with a straight face about people like this, with precious few exceptions.

As I sipped my coffee and watched the three co-anchors, with a smile of course, the phrase “life’s lighter moments” did a dipsy-doodle out of the cosmos right into my head. Once there, it traveled in a circle and I began to contemplate it. For some inexplicable reason, I often latch onto common words and phrases, give them a thorough mental massage and see what falls out.

Why does the lighter side of life consist only of moments, flashes in time, nano-bits of our time on earth? But, arguably, that’s all we tend to afford it. Why not take life’s lighter moments and turn them into days, months, or even years?

Often, I hear someone complain that a friend or family member doesn’t take life seriously enough. Maybe I’ll take this musing to the next level when I hear this and ask: Okay, what would “serious enough” look like?

I believe there’s a solid reason the elderly tend to revert to acting like their prepubescent selves and diminishing mental capacity plays a smaller role than we might think. The way I see it, our senior citizens spent a lifetime figuring out that there’s more to laugh at than cry about, more to smile about than frown at, and more to chuckle at than growl about.

Who knows? Our mental institutions may be full of happy, laughing people that are saner than any of us.

If you can’t find something to laugh about today, you won’t have much of a day.

Cheers, y’all.

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