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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life is What Happens

Remember the old cliché, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”? Well, it has been circling my thoughts lately with increased frequency. This calendar year has thrown a few curves my way. To not bore you, I’ll just say that the word focus has no place in my daily lexicon, and hasn’t had for months. Focused thought is a seemingly simple aspiration that has become profoundly difficult to achieve.
This is not written to be a self-indulgent blubberfest. It’s meant only to share a bit of self-analysis that might apply to your life and/or situation(s).
In my imaginary perfect world, I would be affording an overwhelming percentage time to the pursuits of writing, woodturning, exercising, cooking, sleeping and, maybe, a bit of socializing and travel thrown into the mix. Truth is, all of these interests are taking a backseat to a myriad of other things that are more necessary but much less interesting. Things that are family related that I’m sure you must deal with, or someday will, in your own personal universes and not worth detailing.
Here’s the more interesting part of this little trip into the inner workings of my head: Why is it that I have time to pursue all of those interests listed above, yet find myself kicking back and waiting for the next big crisis to disrupt something that’s not happening?
It’s almost as if part of me is saying to another part of me, “Stop trying to concentrate on things you want. They’re not important. Besides, you’ll only be interrupted anyhow.”
For heaven sake, the more pragmatic side of me is listening to that crap and following the advice, which means; I do absolutely nothing and become forlorn over it. Yet, I won’t lift a finger to do any of those things I list as desirable pursuits. All I do is sit and wait for the next out-of-my-control crisis to come crashing down. Now, isn’t this state of mind the silliest thing you’ve ever heard of? Unfortunately, that describes me perfectly at this juncture.
It’s truly interesting how the brain works...or doesn’t.
I’d better wrap this rant up. Something will surely interrupt me before I put a final period on this thing if I don’t. I think I’ll sit back, put my feet up and then wait and see what that might be.

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