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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow

As the years reel by, I find that procrastination has become part of me. As a writer, I suppose it might be compared to writer’s block. But, that’s not my problem; it has nothing to do with my time devoted to the stories I write. It’s everything else; nuisance jobs and projects that seem to keep me on a treadmill.

It’s worth a mention that I’ve always had an aversion to tasks falling in the “maintenance” category.

Working until my fingers bleed and my eyes bug on things with a shelf life of decades has always been more my style—things that would fall in the creative category—writing stories, building things, woodturning, etc.

But, if it’s duties like mowing grass that will need cutting again in a week, or painting a house that will need another coat in a couple of years, or vacuuming a floor that will be dirty again by day’s end; these are the type things that seem like a waste of precious effort. This is where the adage “Life is too short” fits so well.

When life winds down and it’s my turn to see it flash before me; do I really care to see blinking images of neat lawns, clean carpets or a neatly painted house? I think not.

Now, I must go take a shower. There are a few maintenance routines I haven’t abandoned which, if I ever meet you, you’ll appreciate.

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright
Author of
"Paradise Flawed"/Dream Books LLC/2009
"Six Years' Worth"/Father's Press/2007
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