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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

The favorite topic this time of year is New Year’s resolutions. Some say, “Never make ‘em.” Others say, “Never keep ‘em.” That must mean the group that makes them and keeps them are truly unique and the lot of them would probably fit in my living room.

There’s no need to bash resolutions though. It’s noble that people even want to change themselves or their circumstances for the better. The rub is when that little Nay bird is flitting around in the subconscious because what one resolves to accomplish is daunting when looked at like trying to swallow a pill the size of that New Year’s day ham in the center of the table in a single gulp.

One small change in the way resolutions are made could be the difference between success and failure. Instead of saying (for example), “I’m going to lose twenty five pounds this year.” Why not simply re-frame the goal this way: “I’m going to work toward losing weight in the New Year.”

Now, doesn’t that sound much more doable?

I realize it's an over-simplification, but, let’s not stop with that minor change; resolve to make daily resolutions towards that end. Every morning, get out of bed and say aloud, “Today I’m going to skip lunch... just because.” Or, “Today I’m not going to eat that mid-afternoon snack.”  Or even, "Today I'll have an apple instead of a donut for breakfast."

There is a saying in the business world that goes something like this: Insanity is doing the same things day after day but expecting different results. This is certainly applicable to the making of resolutions.

So make your resolutions and then begin changing your routine in tiny, manageable ways every day. You’ll get to where you’re going; I promise, and it’ll be quite painless, too.

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright
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