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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Art of Conversation

I've never considered myself to be terribly adept at the art of conversation; in fact I usually become tense when things go quiet and forget questions I meant to ask or topics I wanted to discuss. This came to mind yesterday when I was re-introduced to a fellow writer and shared coffee and a lengthy conversation. Lorelei Buckley (author of "From The Other Side"/Wild Child Publishing) is a wonderful conversationalist. I was instantly at ease and we shared ideas and traded stories for two hours. But, it wasn't my ability that kept it going. She knew how to frame questions and toss out interesting ideas that kept me wanting to keep on visiting much longer than we did. I was so impressed that I'm looking forward to our next conversation. And, I've vowed to work at improving my contribution to it next time. I believe the art of conversation is not a genetic thing; instead, it's something rehearsed over and over until it nears perfection... and I'm way behind.

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright

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