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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Job Interview

I certainly can’t set myself apart from the rest of our nation when it comes to economic woes. It seems major changes loom on the horizon for me. I wish I had the power to glimpse what they might be.

I need to back up a bit and explain that, I suppose.

Eight years ago I was a happy well-adjusted (by my definition) advertising sales manager for the local CBS television affiliate. And then the unthinkable happened. Top management changed and I was out. I won’t bore you with details, but it’s so common these days that I probably don’t need to.

Companies of all sizes have no loyalties to employees anymore; people seen only as pawns to be moved, shifted or booted, sometimes after decades of loyal service. That’s breeding employees that are either apathetic or willing to sell-out employers to competitors for the price of a song. But, I’m rabbit-trailing. This should belong in a blog unto itself.

Back on point; after I’d lost that job, I wanted to hone writing skills and write novels. So, I did and I am, but the souring economy has unceremoniously forced a decision. I must go back to work full-time if I want to support this writing habit into old(er) age.

After thirty-two years in the broadcast television business, eighteen of those years in advertising sales, I now have an interview coming up to get back into it as a grunt account executive and, maybe, have the opportunity to re-invent myself yet again.

I smile, in a nervous way of course, when I think about all those fresh-faced college grads I interviewed over the years to do what I’m seeking to do now. I’ll be on their side of that desk trying my best to be chatty, witty and charming while displaying an educated interest in the job I’ll be applying for. Frankly, it’s scaring hell out of me.

I keep asking myself, “Why?” I know the job inside and out, even trained many to do what I’m applying for, yet here I sit writing a blog about my interview reluctance. Some of the fears are genuine, though, like the possibility of being seen as over qualified.

I don’t mean to whine, but I can’t get an odd image out of my head; chasing a rolling quarter into the street just to be hit by a truck.

I curse the state of our economy!

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright

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