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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book Signing

Thursday July 15th, 1p to 5p at Hastings in Lake Jackson, Texas – West Hwy 332.

It seemed appropriate I lead with the important part of this post. I’ll have a booking signing for my latest novel “Paradise Flawed” and will also have copies of “Six Years’ Worth” available for sale, too. Beyond that, I want to invite and urge anyone within driving distance to drop by and say hello. I love meeting people. Would you do that?

Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright

Author of
"Paradise Flawed"/Dream Books LLC/2009
"Six Years' Worth"/Father's Press/2007
"The Last Radiant Heart"/Virtual Tales/Summer 2010
"Where Are You, Anne Bonny?"/Rogue Phoenix Press/ ebook available now 2010

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