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Friday, September 19, 2014

"The Paragraph Ranch" is a great read.

The “Paragraph Ranch”, a mainstream/contemporary story is a big win for co-authors, Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon.
This is a tale that anyone can relate to, as shown through the eyes of the main character, Deanna “Dee” Bennett-Kaufman. The youngest in a family of three siblings, Dee is a single mom of a college age daughter and charged with the temporary care of an injured and aging mother. The problem for Dee is having to leave an academic life she carved out in the northeast and travel back to where she was born, the South Plains of Texas to care for her mother on the home place, the family cotton farm where she grew up.
Dee’s challenges begin immediately. She is a college professor and forced to walk away from the job, straining her to get student responsibilities wrapped up from a remote location before graduation. She is on a deadline to provide a book draft to a publisher that she hasn’t finished writing, or even finished researching. Not only that, but she left a boyfriend at home and worried about losing him. And, attendance at a much anticipated writing fellowship in Massachusetts is put into jeopardy by this familial duty. The woman has a problem.
An interesting and tremendously entertaining metamorphosis begins from the moment her feet land on the sandy loam of West Texas. Is it possible that this cotton farm, far from the nearest metropolitan area, a place she sought so desperately to get away from as a teen, can amount to more than the sum of its sandy parts?
You will enjoy walking with Dee, discovering the answers with her. As you do, it will become impossible not to develop an affection for, and kinship with, Dee, her family and her friends. I believe I can safely say that anyone will see themselves at some point in this book. It’s the type of story that will follow you days after it’s finished. I highly recommend “The Paragraph Ranch” by Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon.
–Daniel Lance Wright, author of “One Day in Lubbock”, “Phobia”, “Annie’s World: Jake’s Legacy”, “Paradise Flawed”, “Where Are You, Anne Bonny?”, “The Last Radiant Heart”, “Six Years’ Worth”, “Helping Hand for Ethan”

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