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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Doldrums

It’s not unusual at all. Many people sink into slumps. It doesn’t matter whether the endeavor is drafting a novel, repairing a plumbing problem, or needing a good time. When summer doldrums settle in, everything is a chore and nothing seems important or fun enough to act on. It’s late August, afternoons are hot and I’m deep into the ho-hums.
Looking back to the months of May and June, it seems almost inconceivable, now, that I took a story idea that had been floating around in my head for months and hammered out roughly forty thousand words and took the story arc to near mid-point in less than four weeks. It was an exciting time. I babbled on to my wife incessantly about taking the story this way or that. So much so, in fact, her eyes would glaze over with disinterest and her head would go into automatic nod mode. That didn’t matter, because I was into it and eager to progress the story.
Lately, I’ve been coming into my backyard to my little sanctuary where I do my writing and stare at the novel draft. If I get five hundred words down, it’s a miracle. Since that time in late spring, little has been added to the draft. I have slammed head-on into the summer doldrums.
Of course, I hope you read and can identify with this blog, maybe even enjoy it. But, the cold truth is, I’m writing this entry instead of working on the novel draft as a possible means of jump starting the mojo and get my head back into the writing game.
Before I had a blog to vent and share thoughts, I indulged often in “free-writing”. It’s a technique for overcoming such times as these. It’s easy. Sit at a keyboard and begin typing. Type what? You may ask. It doesn’t matter. Whatever is crossing your mind. Complete sentences? That doesn’t matter either. I assure you that, at some point in the process, thoughts will become cogent and you will begin writing an honest story, article, or essay and intended none of it when the process began. It’s amazing how it works. In fact, it works better when all thoughts are random and seemingly unconnected. That’s when the sub-conscious takes over and eventually settles on what is most important while in league with your fingers on the keyboard. If your thoughts are already solid, there’s no need to be free-writing anyhow. Just sit down and get busy on your writing project. But, if you sink into an unmotivated, directionless slump, give it a try. Honestly, early in my writing career, free-writing turned into several award winning short stories. And, that’s the truth.

I’m feeling better now. Sharing has a way of doing that. Have a wonderful day, y’all!

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