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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Picture this: I am on my knees, head bowed, arms extended, palms up and, maybe, backlit... only for effect, mind you. Can you visualize anything more humble? Here's the point of this visualization aid; I need Amazon reviews on my latest release "One Day in Lubbock" (or any other of my titles you may have already read). I am asking friends, acquaintances and even enemies that can still stomach me. It's a simple process: Go to and search Daniel Lance Wright. A list of my novels will appear. Click on the "One Day in Lubbock" graphic that is labeled "Look Inside". The page that will come next shows the title, my name and under that "Customer reviews". You can read the ones already there and click on the box labeled "Create Your Own Review" and then... please do. It only a needs to be a few lines of your honest opinion. You will have earned my gratitude and a cyber hug, not to mention a good read. Thanks to you all.

If you don't want to go through all that process I've outlined above and just leave a review, click on this link (or copy and paste):

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