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Monday, March 31, 2014

Gearing Up for "One Day in Lubbock"

Conceptualizing and writing novels is a process that I've grown to love, but there are numerous other steps that must be taken. And, now, that journey is soon to be underway. Everything that happens now falls under the broad heading of marketing. As much fun as constructing the story is, it would be of little value if no one knows it exists and, therefore, it never is given a chance to be shared with the world.

That said, I'm collaborating with a wonderful person from Lubbock, the city I was born in, to plan a blog tour for late April or, possibly, early May. I've known Kay Ellington exactly one day and already she is testing my mettle. I am truly thankful for that. My head is usually on a different playground, swirling with plot points and arcs.

While I have your attention, here's a brief excerpt from "One Day in Lubbock". Enjoy:

 Time for lingering expired. He hurriedly set out an orange wet
floor caution cone, dropped the mop in the wheeled bucket and
rolled it away. Sloshing water slowed a quick retreat.
He glimpsed the woman exiting the room in a rush.
Abandoning the mop bucket, he scurried the few feet down the
hall to the nurses’ station, around the corner and out of sight.
The woman trotted the opposite direction shouting at
approaching personnel, “Please hurry, Roger’s in trouble!”
William peeked and was hit with a burst of competing emotions
– overjoyed to see that the woman was indeed his Katy Bear. He felt
an ache in his chest and a nauseating lump rose in his throat. The
flash of delight vanished when he saw tears. Although beautiful and
smooth skinned, physical and mental exhaustion was clear upon her
face. Her heart had to be breaking as her husband slipped away.
William need not have worried about recognition; she regarded
no one except the three people she followed back into the room –
two nurses and a doctor. He rolled back around the corner,
flattening himself against the wall. He lost sight of the door that
demanded his attention for over half an hour. He was short of
breath, as if sucker-punched in the chest.
Then he remembered; when Katy hurt so did he. It seemed clear
enough that he suffered a physical manifestation of her sorrow. That
had to be it. Her pain was his pain. There was a time they thought as
one and felt as one. His heart must be breaking for her. Those
feelings never went away, just trampled upon and ignored for a few

If you are interested in finding out where this story goes, please follow the link.

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