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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'd Like To Love You

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll have four novels released in 2012, two of which may be near simultaneous: “Phobia”/suspense-thriller/Booktrope Publishing and “Annie’s World: Jake’s Legacy”/Science fiction-fantasy/ATTM Press. I expect both of these to be in print and ebook before the end of March. I would be honored if you’d visit this blog often for updates and buy them when they are released. Later in the year, “Helping Hand For Ethan”/young adult/Rogue Phoenix Press/ebook only will be released. That date is still to-be-announced. And, “Defining Family”/mainstream contemporary drama/Whiskey Creek Press/print and ebook is in the production queue and scheduled for a July release.

As you can tell, my head is back in story-making mode, having finally settled into our new eighty year old house and start-up maintenance and construction projects have begun to demand less brainpower. God knows, I don’t have enough of that to go around (reference my earlier blog on multi-tasking).

Currently, I continue to work on a love story between edits of earlier novels. When I sat down to write this blog entry, my head swirled with degrees of “love” and “like”. That’s when it occurred to me that to define these words might be a good way to start a debate, maybe even a spirited argument. And, when I say “define”, I’m leaving Webster and Funk and Wagnall out of it. This is my take on it.

I’m a guy, a testosterone laden pig by some accounts, having never considered the definitions of these words, much less nuances. Still, I always considered myself a closet romantic. I just felt it necessary to bury those feelings beneath layers of machismo, stupidity and, sometimes, outright cruelty. Interestingly, I always felt bad when I resorted to such things, yet, did it anyhow. Before I dive into this, it seems necessary that you know this about me—not sure why. Okay, here we go:

I don’t believe a person chooses who they love any more than they choose who’ll be their siblings. It’s simply a force of nature. The only requirement is having the good fortune of meeting that person, thing or situation. You can love someone/something yet hate them/it. You can like someone/something yet not love them/it. That makes them two very different words, not degrees of the same thing.

Here, it must be pointed out the difference between “love” and “like”. To like someone is simply an attraction brought on by a number of different variables. It could be shared experiences or, even more simply, an easy feeling of being in another’s company. But to love is to forge a bond that can never, ever be broken. It’s ridiculous to believe that a person can fall out of love. That just means it was never love in the first place, just a combination of lust and like. It’s about as absurd as jumping off a cliff, saying “oops” and then unleaping it. Asinine, right?

It’s pure caca when a couple divorces and insists they still love one another but must go their separate ways. If they can go their separate ways then it was never love. It was “like”. It might be a cliché but true; love is eternal. That means the bond born of it is eternal. The need to be in its presence is uncontrollably magnetic even though the object of love might become detestable; like I said, ‘a force of nature’. No one can walk away from it, in body or spirit. If it’s real, it’s real; if it’s not, it’s not.

The word “love” has been beaten and brutalized and hardly recognizable anymore. It’s not, and should never be pulled out, dusted off and used to achieve mutual orgasm, or any other convenient use of it.

Can “like” become “love”? Of course. Can love be reined in and revert to like? Never. That’s unleaping the cliff.

For all you overtly sensitive types that have spent a lifetime contemplating such things, please accept my apologies for presenting something so elementary. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and whispering, “Yeah, so? Duh.”

For me it’s just, “Duh.”

Now that my head’s deeply entrenched in such terms of endearment, I must get busy writing that love story. I think I feel my sensitive side kicking in. I had better not miss it. It’s usually brief.

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