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Monday, July 18, 2011

These Dreams

Okay, if dreams are supposed to be the windows to the soul then what in bizzaro world (otherwise known as my mind) have I been looking out on? Lately the slumber-time movies have been thought provoking and, yes, even a bit unsettling. One thing is certain; the whole experience is brought into question. What is it, exactly, that is firing the ol’ neuron transmitters lately. It must be one hell of a light show between these ears in the middle of the night.

I haven’t had a nightmare that could be described as frightening since I was a very young child. But, the dreams I’ve been having lately should throw me into a cold sweat. They don’t. And, that, unto itself, should be scary. Good heavens, am I just that jaded to surreal gruesomeness?

I must assume, for sanity’s sake, that my dreams are a convoluted mix of everyday events combined with potential novel plots that race through my head on a daily basis, sometimes hour to hour, depending on how active those creative juices happen to be on a given day. I fear that if a psychiatrist crawled inside my head and looked around, I’d be drugged and restrained drooling in a padded room.

Quick example: I am approached by a midget with cotton blond hair and huge anime baby blue eyes. I am sure this tiny creature wants to kill me and proceeds sizing me up for that purpose. I’m then compelled to shake his hand and introduce myself, all the while realizing he is raising a pistol in the other hand to shoot me as I look over to see bloody corpses of previous victims. I am calm . . . too calm . . . ridiculously calm.

Any dream interpreters out there?

This is no more, but no less, odd than any of the dreams I’ve had lately. They’re all strange. I wonder if this is a sign of diminishing mental capacity. Is it possible my resting mind cannot differentiate real from fantasy any longer? Maybe fantasy is preferable to reality and my head is simply in transition. If so, when that transition is complete, will I lose the link with the here and now in favor of what might be, or could be?

Like anyone else, I’ve always had the occasional strange dream, of course. But, there was a time when those dreams made no sense whatsoever, just images and flash scenarios; other times dreams dealt directly with reality and usually created a story, of sorts. Back then, they were always separate dreams. Now, my head has apparently become a stew pot of the real, could be real, might happen someday and the out-and-out fantasy of mythic proportions. Not only that, they all have a beginning, middle and end.

One thing I do know without question; all these dreams provoke endless hours of thought and contemplation. But why, and is it worth it?

Maybe, I should stop questioning and start taking notes.

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