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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Talk Weather

I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts my hesitance to put political and/or religious views out there and use them as a platform for debate. I prefer, instead to keep social discourse neutral; light and fluffy, if you prefer. I consider myself the Switzerland of party chat. I have no desire to change your opinion, nor the patience for you to attempt changing mine. But yesterday, as sweat trickled in rivulets down my face, baking under unfettered brilliance of another Texas summer afternoon, it occurred to me how a subject as universally benign as the weather, or used to be, has become a political football. I suppose it’s just one more marker of the age in which we live.

I’m certainly no meteorologist (although I played one on television for eighteen years back in the day), so starting an argument over the validity of global warming is not my goal. I just want to talk about the weather. I’ll leave the debate for the likes of Exxon-Mobil to tell us it’s all poppycock and for environmentalists to counter with a huffy, “No it’s not!”

To me, the casual observer, the weather extremes we’ve noticed around the world don’t seem all that unusual when the focus remains at each location, most having suffered the same fates before, and in some cases worse, from a historical perspective. As examples; Indonesia and Japan have experienced tsunamis before, Joplin, Missouri (or the area) has suffered damaging tornadoes previously and will again, I’m sure. Hurricanes will hit the Gulf Coast, snows will fall in the north and floods will happen along rivers. Even my wonderful home state of Texas has suffered droughts before, many times. Although devastating to livelihoods and lives, there is nothing terribly unusual about any of these events.

But, let’s change the point of view ever so slightly; consider the frequency of occurrences. Doesn’t it seem that weather extremes are becoming the norm from season to season and not simply sensational aberrations?

I suppose the argument might be made that this is just the price of inhabiting a “living” planet. The earth is in a constant state of flux, after all, therefore extremes are cyclical in nature. Right? You know, like the seasons, only over a much broader period of time. Point of fact: The Ice Age certainly didn’t happen as a result of man pumping harmful and toxic emissions into the atmosphere. The earth, itself, did that with volcanic eruptions so numerous as to create a winter seemingly without end.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: This guy is siding with Exxon-Mobil and just doesn’t want to admit it, but . . . not necessarily.

Have you ever wondered if an animal from the age of dinosaurs could even breathe the air in today’s world? I’ve wondered many times and I have serious doubts. Consider the amount of cancer and respiratory problems among people today. There seems to be toxicity in our atmosphere that is not naturally occurring but we, as adaptive beings, may have developed a level of immunity to most toxins we breathe. Unfortunately, just not good enough to prevent diseases from rampant airborne particles tossed willy-nilly into the air in our modern world.

Who do we blame? Do we blame anyone? Would any one of us give up our collective addiction to life simplifying technology just so we might breathe a little easier? What if that global warming thing is true and byproducts of manufacturing to satiate these addictions is changing our climate negatively? Would we then change our ways to preserve the earth? I think not.

I, for one, know the depths of my addiction. I love cars, central heat and air, computers, time saving appliances and on and on and on. Oh well . . .

Whether you believe it or not, this really was a post about the weather.

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