Daniel (Danny) Lance Wright, Author

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Flash In Time

As a novelist, there are moments when inspiration turns away from the project at hand. It doesn’t go away, simply takes an abrupt turn. It might be the laugh of a child, the bark of a squirrel, the sight of a jet so high that it appears to move across the sky like a slug leaving its trail or, it might simply be that third glass of wine. The reason really doesn’t matter. It’s just the mechanism, the switch-flip that turns it on. The mind is active, reeling and still wants to record thoughts—a stream of consciousness thing that usually is best saved for personal journals and diaries that has nothing to do with the draft in progress.
A few months back, I was working on the draft of a romantic thriller, “Call Me Mikki”. (soon to be released through Booktrope) I happened to be searching for a better word to describe a scene, but I had been working on it for several hours and it had become difficult to continue concentrating. And then, my mind began to drift and my eyes moved over the word “universe”. It struck me how overused it is and how underappreciated is the infinite depth of that word and what it represents.
I won’t detail the entire path of this philosophical journey that lasted only a couple of minutes, other than to add that I shuddered when that thought stream ended.
I saved my work and pulled up a blank page, and then began to type. I am no poet. I will not make comments about this for good or bad. I posted it once on Facebook and, this morning, pulled it up and read it again. So, I’m sharing it again. What came out of me in about five minutes surprised me:

If I tiptoe lightly enough on the stars to the end of the universe
Will anyone notice that I’ve made the journey?
Comets fly, suns burst, and black holes suck in all that time has wrought
But I will continue skipping, one light source to the next.
Only this stream dictates a time of rest, when to lay down shield and spear,
Taking comfort that He has known from step one where the journey ends.
I am me, one, and many.
We give what we have. Take what we must. But leave behind the best of what we were.
Eternity is what it is. I am but a flash in time.

I hope you enjoy your day and the rest of your life—your flash in time.


  1. twitted your link really enjoyed meeting you today in Coleman

    1. Thanks, Terry. It was a great day. I think I'll make the Fiesta de la Paloma in Coleman an annual must. Thanks again.