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Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Fabulous Boots 'n' Brew

When inspiration strikes, a writer goes with it. There is never a guarantee that creativity will strike again soon enough to satisfy. This opening sentence is sort of an excuse, sort of an apology, and sort of both.

A new novel is in the draft stage and I've been rolling with it all week, to the exclusion of most other responsibilities. But, now, before anymore time passes, I want to proclaim my appreciation for the marvelous event last weekend in Clifton, TX called Boots 'n' Brew. My dear friend, An Thompson of LA Art Gallery graciously invited me to join her at the gallery to sign my new novel "One Day in Lubbock" during the event. It was tremendously satisfying to visit with a near steady stream of visitors through the gallery checking out the beautiful artwork and, of course, all the different titles on my table. And it certainly was no bother to sit next to a keg of Rahr Brother's "Texas Red". All I'll say about that is, I allowed myself no opportunity to become thirsty all evening. Good stuff!

Now, I'm looking forward to the next event. It will be sponsored by the Nellie Pederson Public Library in Clifton and staged in the Civic Center. I hope to see all my central Texas friends there Saturday May 17 from 2-5p. I'll have all titles available to be purchased and signed but focusing on the newest release, "One Day in Lubbock", an autumn romance. It's never too late. A big thanks to library director, Lewis Stansell for his help getting this one together. Also, I don't want to forget to shout out appreciation to the Clifton Record for the really nice advance story about this event. Thanks guys. You are all aces.

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