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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Latest Review of "Annie's World: Jake's Legacy"

Another review of "Annie's World: Jake's Legacy" is in. Of course, all reviewers are different, but overall I'm happy with what avid readers are saying.        -dlw

New! LAS Reviewer "The Long and the Short Of It Reviews" reviewed Annie's World: Jake's Legacy
Fantastic Read November 8, 2012

Would you take a dangerous risk to save a stranger's child? Is it better to be thought of as a hero or increase your odds of living to see another day?

Jake's made some difficult decisions during his life. Surviving in a lawless society often means making tough choices and yet when he meets a newly orphaned girl named Annie, Jake discovers how quickly even the most deeply entrenched priorities can shift. To be honest I didn't particularly care for Jake at first due to choices he made early on. While they were understandable given the harsh environment in which he was living I had some trouble moving past them and getting to know the person he eventually becomes.

The magic happens during Jake's slow transformation as the plot thickens. It was a pleasure to see how even small, seemingly inconsequential decisions affected his character and my favourite part of this tale by far was getting to see how one change would eventually spur another.

The political message in this book was a little heavy-handed. Every time Jake talks about how society slowly crumbled over the course of a few generations due to the greed of corporations and the wealthy the story is temporarily knocked off course. It would have been more effective to spend more time showing how much the common person has suffered instead of having the main character repeat himself so often. Multiple punctuation and grammatical errors also distracted my attention from the plot.

Annie's World: Jake's Legacy is a frightening look at one possible future awaiting mankind. I'd recommend it for anyone who has ever wondered what life might really be like if there was no such thing as a centralized government and if the only law of the land was survival of the fittest.

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