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Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Thing At A Time Or Not At All

“Multi-tasking” is a term that sprang onto the scene over a decade ago to describe anyone doing more than one thing at a time while going about a daily routine; like talking on the phone, writing a letter, and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time to cram more things done into a day. Multi-tasking quickly became proudly hailed as the way to be, the thing everyone should aspire to and the style of most successful business people.


Sticking with my example, if a person talks on the phone, writes a letter and drinks coffee at the same time, what that person will end up with is a hesitating conversation, a piece of paper with dropped words and coffee stains on it. Each one in need of a re-do.

Although at times necessary, proficiency declines proportionally to the number of tasks undertaken. Nothing gets done well. That’s my assertion and I’m sticking with it.

I was driving home yesterday from Waco behind a woman talking on the phone, she weaved from center stripe to shoulder repeatedly. It was easy to tell the second she ended the conversation, Her car suddenly accelerated and whooshed straight as a string up the highway.

After she turned, I found myself behind a young man in a very big pickup truck holding his phone in both hands atop the steering wheel and texting. That phone was getting much more attention than the steering wheel beneath it. Besides crossing the line and jerking back into his lane a time or two, his speed surged from fifty to seventy then began backing off again. Perturbed and a little concerned for his safety I honked at him. The response was anger and a one-fingered salute.

I thought, “There goes the quintessential multi-tasker.” And, then, I went on to analyze my own opinion of those who dare attempt multi-tasking and how I despise being forced into situations that it’s necessary.

I will admit that taking care of multiple responsibilities simultaneously does, indeed, bring out one’s character and then shines a spotlight on it. The young man in the pickup was clearly having a bad day before I ever pulled up behind him. But, don’t you think, if he’d pulled off the highway and focused on only the text that his bad day could’ve been made just a little better, a tiny bit less stressful? I think . . . yes. Do I believe one should ever be forced into such a lifestyle? I think . . . no. And, after years of forced servitude in such a style, am I ever going to succumb to it again? I think . . . no way in hell.

Now, I must go about closing the sale on a house purchased, getting a house ready to sell, prime my mind for a new job to begin soon, edit four novels to be released in the coming months, write a short story I’ve committed to for an anthology, and finish a novel currently in the works.

But, God as my witness, I’ll do these things one at a time.

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