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Monday, May 16, 2011

Politics and Religion

It is said that if one wants to keep a party light and happy then avoid the topics of politics and religion, and rightfully so I believe. It shouldn’t take a genius to realize that every war ever fought since the beginning of time had one or the other as root justification for mayhem and death.

One possible argument against this notion might be disputes over real estate. Maybe. But, even then, I think if one backtracks from the geographic boundary disagreements a contentious argument over politics and/or religion will be discovered that set the territorial dispute in motion.

I am of the mind that no one on this planet can change my beliefs when it comes to either of these topics. So, when a friend or acquaintance broaches the subject of either, I don’t just avoid it, I run. If I know they can’t change my mind; what would make me believe I could alter their opinion? These are not things that can be discussed when stands differ. It will quickly escalate into a debate, then into an argument and then, voila, the seeds of another war have just been planted.

Consider this: When a friendly discussion of politics or religion begins, the first to speak will open by saying, “In my opinion...” But, what the discussion partner really means is, “And, now, listen to my undeniable, indisputable fact...”

Yep, if I find myself in that scenario, I smile, listen to the, so-called, opinion and usually say something tremendously clever like, “Really?” I’ll quickly wrap with, “Nice talking to you”, and then walk away—no harm no foul and that person remains a friend.

Now, if you take this micro example and apply it to the macro, respect for other nation’s views on politics and religions would be a giant step toward elusive world peace. Everyone says they want it. Do they really? Or, do people just want a planet filled with clones of themselves? The clone thing makes sense to me. And, as far as world peace goes, I'll quote my daddy. “Ain’t gonna happen ... just ain’t.”

So, reeling back this world view to a personal one, my wife will just have to suffer through my political and religious rants whenever I feel the need to give opinions a voice. I guess this means there’ll be no peace in my world either.

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